Food Safety Consulting

Food safety consulting from industry experts.

With IEH’s food safety consulting, we help companies navigate through regulatory, industry, and customer requirements to meet compliance and facilitate production. Leveraging our network of industry experts and scientists, we offer consulting services that are tailored to client environments and situations. Learn more about the consultation and support we have been providing our clients with for over 20 years.

IEH Food Safety Consulting

Food Safety Consulting Services

Comprehensive preventative/pre-incident consulting and monitoring services.

Outbreak investigation, traversing recalls, and litigation support.

Comprehensive facility risk assessments and food safety systems evaluation.

  • Facility Risk Assessments
  • Food Safety Culture Assessment
  • Food Safety System Assessments

Environmental monitoring, sampling and testing programs for facilities.

  • Baseline Environmental Sampling & Testing
  • Environmental Pathogen Monitoring Programs (EMP)
  • MicroMap Facility Mapping Program
  • Mold Assessment & Mitigation
  • Validation and verification of Environmental Monitoring Programs

Food defense mitigation strategies and expert consulting for economic adulteration.

  • Economic Adulteration Consulting & Testing
  • Food Defense Mitigation Strategies
  • Vulnerability Assessments (VA) for Food Facilities

Consulting and facility/process evaluation using a variety of specialized tools for food authentication.

Methods to control complex hazards in foods have proven difficult to be captured in a complete food safety plan. Our team has a large database of scientific documents to support hazard analyses and control methods.

Thermal processing, aseptic processing, challenge studies and process validation.

Aflatoxin assessment and control programs, sampling, and testing solutions.

Regulatory policy and enforcement action support.

  • Enforcement Action Support
  • FDA 483 Support
  • FDA Detention Support
  • FSMA Food Safety Plan Review & Development
  • FSMA Inspection Readiness Assessment
  • HACCP Plan Review & Development
  • Imported Foods Regulatory Support
  • Imported Foods Testing & DWPE Support
  • Process Deviation Support (USDA)
  • Produce Safety Plans
  • Prop 65 Testing & Support
  • Regulatory Support (FDA & USDA-FSIS)

Full service sensory analysis, panels, and shelf life studies.

  • Shelf Life Extension
  • Sensory Analysis
  • Shelf Life Studies
  • Rheological Analysis
  • Texture Analysis
  • Packaging Analysis

Allergen control programs, hygienic design and cleaning procedures for facility, equipment and processes.

  • Develop and Manage Sanitation Programs
  • Cleaning for Allergen Control
  • Extended Run Time Evaluations
  • Hygienic Design – Facility, Equipment & Process
  • Pest Control Programs
  • Sanitation Program Development
  • Sanitation SSOP Reviews
  • Sanitation Validation and Verification
  • Wet & Dry Cleaning Procedures

Supplier approval programs, risk assessment and aflatoxin control programs.

  • Supplier Approval Programs
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment

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