Bioengineered Testing (GMO)

GMO testing within 2 days

The wide-spread use of genetically modified crops coupled with increasingly conscientious consumers have resulted in the demand for analytical tests to verify which products contain GMOs.

Turnaround time: 2 days

GMO Testing

We are an approved non-GMO Project Laboratory

We consult with customers to find the best GMO testing option for their samples

  • IEH offers qualitative and quantitative screening methods.
  • From raw agricultural commodities to highly processed products, we test for a wide variety of product types.
  • The purpose of testing includes labeling products as “Non-GMO” and exporting to countries with GMO specific regulations.
  • GMO Testing Available by Crop: Alfalfa, apple, canola (rapeseed), corn, cotton, eggplant, flax, papaya, pineapple, potato, rice, salmon, soy, squash/zucchini, sugar beets.

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