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In this webinar, we’ll explore the critical functions of FDA Forms 482 and 483 within the inspection process. Form 482 serves as the formal inspector notification marking the start of an inspection, while Form 483 lists non-compliance observations with the FD&C Act, serving as a catalyst for corrective action within the inspected facility rather than a final verdict.

This webinar is tailored for food manufacturing companies and facilities, providing insights into the use of 3rd party sanitation services. Whether you’re considering employing such services or already utilizing them to clean food manufacturing equipment and environments, this session is designed for you.

During this webinar, we will explore the variety of audits that all food manufacturers face. Attendees will not only gain insights on how to prepare for external audits but also learn how to maximize their return on an audit investment.

This webinar provides background on the Reportable Food Registry as well as discuss where the Registry has worked and where it has not met expectations. 

Following up on his previous webinar, “Applications of Whole Genome Sequencing in Food Production,” Dr. Sam Myoda discusses how WGS is used to link outbreaks to specific food sources. 

This webinar provides an overview of why sanitary design is important, how sanitary design is a cost-effective business strategy for food processing companies, the key principles of sanitary design explained, and what every food company should do regarding sanitary design to stay competitive.

This webinar will provide an overview of mycotoxins found in the food supply, examples of health and economic impacts, general strategies to manage and mitigate mycotoxins, regulatory considerations, and other practical implications for the food industry.

This webinar provided an overview of how to control and manage critical documents required by FDA and USDA/FSIS for food processing operations.

Dr. Don Zink and Dr. Robert Brackett hosted a live webinar to discuss the history of food safety regulations in the US and explain how the current system came to be, why it has changed over the years, and how to comply with these regulations.

Dr. Robert Brackett hosted a live webinar to discuss the background on the proposed FDA Food Traceability rule, as well as steps needed to comply with its requirements.

Dr. Robert Brackett hosted a live webinar to discuss the current state of knowledge on Cronobacter, including its physiological characteristics, epidemiology, presence in foods, and risk mitigation strategies.

Dr. Peyman Fatemi and Dr. Samuel Myoda hosted a live webinar to discuss EMP best practices, the latest regulations on EMP, tools and techniques, zoning, root cause analysis, corrective measures, and more.

Dr. Samuel Myoda hosted a live webinar to discuss the principles and applications of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) in food production.

Dr. Donald Zink and Dr. Gene Bartholomew hosted a live webinar to discuss the importance of in-process and finished product testing as a verification tool for food safety programs.

Dr. Gene Bartholomew hosted a live webinar to interpret lengthy USDA guidelines and better understand how to ensure the safety and quality of meat and poultry products contaminated by pathogens.

Dr. Don Zink, President of Foods and Regulatory Compliance at IEH is joined by Ben Wozniak of Brooks Applied Labs as they host a live webinar addressing recent events, regulatory standards, historical findings, and risk factors revolving around heavy metals and toxic elements in food processing. 

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