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Dr. Robert Brackett hosted a live webinar to discuss the background on the proposed FDA Food Traceability rule, as well as steps needed to comply with its requirements.

Dr. Robert Brackett hosted a live webinar to discuss the current state of knowledge on Cronobacter, including its physiological characteristics, epidemiology, presence in foods, and risk mitigation strategies.

Dr. Mohammad Koohmaraie, President of the Meat Division at IEH, received the 2022 Distinguished Alumni Legacy Award from Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences.

Dr. Peyman Fatemi and Dr. Samuel Myoda hosted a live webinar to discuss EMP best practices, the latest regulations on EMP, tools and techniques, zoning, root cause analysis, corrective measures, and more.

Dr. Samuel Myoda hosted a live webinar to discuss the principles and applications of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) in food production.

Dr. Donald Zink and Dr. Gene Bartholomew hosted a live webinar to discuss the importance of in-process and finished product testing as a verification tool for food safety programs.

Can I still eat this? We’ve all been tempted by food that’s past its posted freshness date. What do ‘Best by,’ ‘Sell by,’ and ‘Use by’ dates even mean? IEH food safety expert Dr. Robert Brackett discusses the mysterious world of food labeling on the Call Me Curious podcast.

Dr. Gene Bartholomew hosted a live webinar to interpret lengthy USDA guidelines and better understand how to ensure the safety and quality of meat and poultry products contaminated by pathogens.

IEH cofounder and President Dr. Mansour Samadpour is interviewed about the 2015 Listeria outbreak in Blue Bell ice cream. 

This course is offered by IEH Academy as a self-paced eLearning training program in which Dr. Bartholomew addresses the critical role that microbes play in food production processes, and the concerns that food producers face every year as millions of consumers get sick by eating food contaminated by pathogens.

Dr. Don Zink, President of Foods and Regulatory Compliance at IEH is joined by Ben Wozniak of Brooks Applied Labs as they host a live webinar addressing recent events, regulatory standards, historical findings, and risk factors revolving around heavy metals and toxic elements in food processing. 

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"One person dying of food borne illness is one too many"

Mansour Samadpour runs the largest food testing labs in the country. He tells CNNMoney’s Cristina Alesci why ‘you cannot absolutely say our food is safe.’

The Changing Landscape: Implications of New Regulations

Listen as IEH President of Foods & Regulatory Compliance gives a presentation on managing risk in a zero tolerance world hosted by the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP). IAFP Annual Meeting 2017

Will Daniels: "It was a game changer for the industry" - Food Safety Matters Podcast

Food Safety Matters interviews Will Daniels, president of the produce division at IEH Laboratories and recognized for food safety and quality at Earthbound Farms during the 2006 spinach outbreak.

E. coli Contamination in Vegetables

Americans are eating more salad. But our intensifying love affair with produce is creating problems for farmers, the environment and even our health.

IEH tested a Thanksgiving meal collected by King 5 Media Group. Dr. Samuel Myoda, Vice President of Technical Services at IEH, is interviewed regarding the test results.

Food Handler Safety Training

IEH cofounder and President Dr. Mansour Samadpour is interviewed about foodborne illnesses in the 2005 Washington State Food Code video.


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