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Expedited water testing and analysis in certified laboratories

We offer microbiological testing, consulting and research services associated with water. Our team of scientists help clients with water monitoring to be in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Turnaround time: 1 – 5 days

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Comprehensive water testing services

Our services include source water assessment and catchment surveys, plant inspection and optimization, laboratory training and audits, distribution system investigations and consulting, and built-environment microbiology. 

We provide testing, research and consulting services for pathogens and indicator species. We also offer testing for protozoa and viruses in wastewater samples.

We are EPA approved to provide compliance monitoring for Cryptosporidium and Giardia and virus testing for enterovirus, norovirus and adenovirus among others. 

We test filtration efficiency and disinfection efficacy of Drinking Water Treatment Units (DWTUs)

MPA is useful to understand the effectiveness of water treatment process to remove particulate matter.

We use MPA to assess if a groundwater source is under the direct influence (GWUDI) of surface water and thereby at risk of contamination. We provide the sampling unit, filter, and instructions for MPA sample collection. We also provide the methodology, tabular data and interpretation of the results. 

With MPA, we help utilities assess and optimize filtration plant performance by collection and analysis of raw and filtered water samples.

We offer a wide range of virus testing capabilities to detect and enumerate viral infectivity.

The National Primary Drinking Water Regulations mandate that both drinking water and groundwater be free from coliforms. We are certified to detect total coliforms and E. coli by enzyme substrate and membrane filtration methods.

We are CDC ELITE and ANSI/ANAB ISO 17025 accredited. Our quantitative Legionella PCR Test provides you with living Legionella counts.

Metabolic characterization

Genetic sequencing


Library generation

Comparative Electrophoresis

Routine public water supply monitoring

Groundwater investigations and research

Recreational and reclaimed water monitoring

Stormwater research and pilot plant assessment

Customized shipping containers for field-filtered or bulk samples

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