IEH Companies

AB Controls designs and manufactures automated test equipment and laboratory automation solutions. 

A full-service environmental microbiology laboratory that provides testing, consulting, research and expert witness services.

AFT specializes in seafood species identification and verification. Its services include taxonomical verification of fish and seafood, antibiotic residue analyses, and general analytical services.

A Canadian ecotoxicity laboratory offering freshwater and marine aquatic toxicity testing, sediment and soil toxicity testing, biodegradability tests, toxicity investigation and consulting services.

Offers microbiological testing for food and feed industries, as well as produces microbiological diagnostics.

Bio-Check manufactures and supplies test kits for Allergens, Gluten, Meat Species identification, Mycotoxins and Food Hygiene to laboratories and food business operators across the globe.

An accredited laboratory specializing in microbiological testing of food and industrial hygiene since 1991.

Analytical services for trace metals and metals speciation customized to address the needs of our clients to support better environmental, human health, and scientific decision-making.

Advancing science and technology to improve the accuracy and reliability of trace metals measurement.

Daigger Scientific focuses on the needs of laboratory professionals around the world with the goal of being a one-stop shopping destination for all laboratory products and equipment.


Don Levy Laboratories delivers accurate and reliable test results by hiring experienced food industry professionals and by providing superior technical support services.

An accredited full-service laboratory specializing in microbiological, chemical, and nutritional analysis. The laboratory also advises its clients on the creation, expansion, and maintenance of their quality management systems.

Elisa Systems is a world leader in the development of Food Allergen test kits. We have been involved in food safety for over 20 years and specialising in Food Allergen test kits for the last 15 years.

Specializes in pesticide residue analysis using methods developed by the EPA, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Emport LLC specializes in food testing kits that combine user-friendly design with scientist-friendly standards. Emport offers a variety of product lines including Glutentox, Alertox, OleoTest and others.


Provides the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to bring specialty services related to microbiology and indoor air quality to you.

Focus Works is an award-winning, batch control and automation technology company serving the food industry providing incremental and comprehensive turnkey solutions to meet client goals.


Food Hygiene Control GmbH is an Austrian laboratory offering ISO 17025 accredited microbiology and analytical chemistry testing services for food and water.


IFU offers microbiological and chemical analyses to the meat processing companies, the bakery and confectionery industry, and delicatessen producers.


Industrial Microbiological Laboratories

A certified laboratory whose services include analysis of potable drinking water, microbiology and mycotoxin testing.

A corporation comprised of 6 companies, with cutting-edge technological equipment, to achieve an improvement in the quality of life of people and a balance with environment.

JLA offers a full line of agricultural, analytical, and microbiological services, along with process and product development for agronomy, agricultural economics, statistical quality control, and food safety.


JL Analytical

A full-service microbiology and chemistry lab with testing services for food, feed, forage, drinking water, and wastewater.


KnowledgeAnywhere provides training platform software solutions that allow you to quickly and easily organize, manage and assign all of your in-person and online training in one place.


An accredited laboratory offering testing services in physical, physicochemical, chemical and microbiological analyses of food and water.

Labor Kneissler offers analytical and technical produce testing services for food, feed and drinking water in addition to professional consultancy, crisis management, company audits, and much more. 

An accredited test laboratory offering services for food analysis and environmental sample monitoring. Labor Iben also offers regulatory, safety, and sanitation consulting and training services.

A Belgian solutions provider for microbiological laboratories. Led techno is an ISO 9000 certified company with an emphasis on quality, know-how, and client orientation.


Micrology Labs produces a variety of products to help improve lab testing efficiency while keeping costs down. Micrology Labs patented Easygel media drastically reduces time spent sampling.

Molecular Epdemiology Inc. provides clients with contract microbiology and molecular biology services for the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.


A biological testing, research, and consulting company that performs environmental toxicological and microbiological tests as well as performing applied research to address specific project needs.

Roka Bioscience provides food safety professionals with a fully automated molecular pathogen detection solution that delivers rapid, accurate results and improved laboratory efficiencies.

Provides the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to bring specialty services related to microbiology and indoor air quality to you.

SL Stanlab is a German laboratory specializing in comprehensive bacteriology and food hygiene services, encompassing allergen detection, GMOs, minerals, animal species, and other residues.

Bring enzymatic testing in-house with Unitech Scientific. Select a Unitech analyzer and pair it with select Unitech enzymatic reagent kits. Improve your testing accuracy and efficiency while reducing cost.

The lab specializes in services to the meat industry. Its range of services include sampling, chemical, microbiological and molecular biological processes, as well as the sampling and analysis of drinking water.

An accredited food safety and nutritional labeling laboratory specializing in food microbiology, nutritional labeling, shelf-life studies, allergen testing, and various other chemical analyses.

Weber Scientific distributes laboratory supplies and equipment throughout North America and is focused on the specialized testing needs of the dairy and food industries.


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