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Ensure compliance with food safety regulations

We provide clients with a network of ISO17025 accredited testing laboratories and provide assurance required to meet strict US FDA food regulations. We can protect your brand, products, and assist you with FDA DWPE specific cases.

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Navigate FDA, USDA, EPA Regulations

Regulatory compliance is one of the essential pillars of food production. Any food company needs to be in complete compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing food, the health and welfare of workers, the environment, and the health and welfare of consumers at all times.

The IEH regulatory team is well versed in FDA, USDA and EPA regulations. We have extensive experience working with clients on various regulatory issues, including outbreaks, recalls and criminal investigations.

Expert consultation for food processing and transport regulations

With the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) there are an increasing number of foods being tested by the FDA at the time of import. Illegal residues and contaminants are often detected through routine sampling, which leads to a refusal of entry for that shipment and automatic detention going forward. Food products under FDA import Alert and Detention without Physical Examination (DWPE) must be sampled and tested by qualified independent sampling and laboratory companies.

Once a product has been shown to contain an illegal residue or contaminant, the shipment is refused entry in the United States, and either must be re-exported to another country or destroyed. US FDA places the Exporter of that product under its DWPE program. Under the DWPE Program, every new shipment from that exporter must be analyzed by a private laboratory for the same illegal residue or contaminant. Only if the new shipment is found to be below established tolerance will the FDA allow it to be released into the channels of trade.

Provide assurance required to meet strict US FDA food regulations

Everything from sampling to analytical methodology to reporting must be performed using extremely strict protocols, or the analytical data package will be rejected, subjecting the importer to further delays, or possible refusal of entry. Generally after 5 clean shipments in a row the exporter may petition to be removed from Automatic Detention.

We offer a network of independent ISO17025 accredited testing laboratories and provides the assurance required to meet strict US FDA food regulations. Whether you are an importer, custom broker or retailer, IEH can be your partner protecting your brand, products and assisting you with FDA DWPE specific cases.

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