HACCP and Preventive Controls Support

Food Safety Plan Development and Refinement

Methods to control complex hazards in foods have proven difficult to be captured in a complete food safety plan. Our team has a large database of scientific documents to support hazard analyses and control methods. We have reviewed, written, and implemented hundreds of food safety plans in HACCP and Preventive Controls formats that fully comply with regulatory and GFSI requirements. 

Our experienced consultants have worked with many major producers throughout the food industry, including meat and poultry, high-acid products, nuts and fruits, dried foods, leafy greens and produce, canned or retort products, dairy, and pet food.


Comprehensive support and training for food safety plans

  • Extensive scientific expertise in food microbiology and chemistry including toxicology, and the control of foreign materials
  • Hazard analysis for process steps that are typical within a food group and setting appropriate control measures
  • Validation trials as required to establish effective control measures and their critical limits
  • Guidance on proper CCPs and PPCs and streamlining food safety plan to focus on reasonable hazards
  • Establishing and justifying monitoring procedures and recordkeeping to verify the proper implementation of a food safety plan
  • Quick response to regulatory issues surrounding food safety plans
  • Certification training in HACCP, including seafood and juice HACCP, as well as Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI)

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