New method speeds variant tracking from weeks to hours – UW Newsroom

UW Medicine Newsroom article featured Watson, a portable, preprogrammed thermocycler developed by IEH. Watson is being used by UW School of Medicine in collaboration with ID Genomics to speed tracking of COVID variants from weeks to within two hours. Watson is also featured in this YouTube video.

IEH Announces Acquisition of AquaTox Testing & Consulting Inc.

AquaTox Testing & Consulting Inc. is a Canadian-based ecotoxicity testing laboratory providing services to government and industry for over 30 years. Aquatox performs freshwater and marine aquatic and terrestrial toxicology testing and has a professional staff with expertise in these areas. The facility is ISO/IEC: 17025 accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA) […]

Will Daniels: Humanizing Food Safety – Food Safety Matters

In this episode of Food Safety Matters Will Daniels, president of the produce division at IEH, discusses “the human side of food safety as part of public health, reestablishing a relationship with the consumer, reliving the 2006 spinach outbreak, educating and engaging your workforce, engaging senior management in food safety, how to counter complacency in your food safety […]

Make Food Safety Consumer-Focused

Food Safety Summit 2020 featured Will Daniels with a keynote presentation titled “Back to Basics: Consumer-Focused Food Safety.”

2020’s Food Safety Summit gets underway virtually today – Food Safety News

“Keynote — “Back to Basics: Consumer-Focused Food Safety” — Will Daniels, president of the produce division at IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group will discuss how COVID 19 has changed the world. In the wake of this pandemic, food manufacturers have stood up to the challenge of performing as an essential business and have shown the […]

Backlogs At Smoke Testing Labs Force Washington Wineries To Get Creative – Forbes

As wine regions around the world face the immediate effects of devastating fires, the threat of smoke exposure is of concern. Wildfires and controlled burns generate smoke particulates that could be taken up by the berries and leaves of grapes in nearby vineyards. While the chemical composition of smoke from wood pyrolysis is rather complex, […]

IEH Announces Acquisition of Brooks Applied Labs

Brooks Applied Laboratories brings extensive capabilities in trace metals and metals speciation to IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group. Toxicological and nutritional properties of a chemical element critically depend on the form in which it occurs in food. Some elements are an essential part of a healthy diet, but others, such as lead, mercury, arsenic  and […]

IEH Announces Acquisition of Nautilus Environmental

Nautilus Environmental Company, Inc. is a Canadian-based biological testing, research, and consulting company that performs environmental toxicological and microbiological tests that are required for regulatory compliance, as well as performing applied research to address specific project needs. The company operates laboratories in Burnaby, BC and Calgary, AB.

COVID-19: Maintaining Operations in a Pandemic World – IEH Client Webinar

The food industry is vital to the well-being of the nation, and we must maintain our food supply during this pandemic. IEH is actively working with clients to provide solutions to help respond to the current crisis.  Please join members of the IEH leadership team for a special client webinar to discuss COVID-19 response guidelines […]

IEH Announces Acquisition of Focus Works

Focus Works is an award-winning, automation technology company based in New York serving the food industry. Automation is the future for batch control, lot tracking, food safety and regulatory compliance. Focus Works delivers essential automation services to food producers as well as  comprehensive and specialized automations for larger customers. Their customers include many well known […]

Are CBD Customers Really Getting What They Pay For? – Inside Edition

“CBD seems to be everywhere. It can be found in all kinds of everyday products, from lotions to supplements, as well as dog food. CBD, or cannabidiol, is found in cannabis plants. It doesn’t give the user a high, but it’s being marketed to relieve all kinds of ailments. The CBD products sold often indicate on […]