Subway defends tuna, top DNA lab asserts widely-publicized tests were inadequate

Subway tuna

Inside Edition reported on the authenticity of Subway’s tuna sandwiches following a class-action lawsuit filed against the sandwich chain earlier this year falsely claiming that there was no tuna in their tuna sandwiches. Our team at Applied Food Technologies (AFT) conducted more than 50 tests on 150 pounds of tuna collected by Inside Edition from three Subway […]

Food Advertised as ‘Scallops’ in Some Instances Are Totally Different Fish – Inside Edition

Food Advertised as 'Scallops'

In its investigative news story, Inside Edition reported on foods falsely advertised as scallops on menus and in markets in NYC, Dallas, and other U.S. cities. Scientists at IEH Applied Food Technologies (AFT) tested the scallops collected by Inside Edition and found that several locations were selling imitation products, made from cheaper, less healthy fish pastes and spinefoot fish. […]

IEH re-approved as a testing lab through the Non-GMO Project

IEH re-approved as a testing lab through the Non-GMO Project

IEH has been re-approved as a testing lab through the Non-GMO Project! This certification allows us to continue offering qualitative and quantitative screening methods to test products as part of the Non-GMO Project Standard certification process. We test a wide range of samples – from raw agricultural commodities and their derivatives to highly processed products. Get […]

Is Homemade Baby Food Better? – Healthy Babies Bright Futures

HBBF report

Do homemade baby foods have lower heavy metal content than store-bought brands? To answer this question, Healthy Babies Bright Futures conducted a research study. As part of this study, our colleagues at Brooks Applied Labs, LLC tested 288 baby food samples for arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. The organization concluded that homemade and store-bought baby […]

IEH announces a new RT-PCR test to detect Naegleria fowleri

IEH announces a new RT-PCR test to detect Naegleria fowleri

IEH is proud to announce the development of a new RT-PCR test that detects Naegleria fowleri with 2-day turnaround times. The test follows CDC protocols for sample preparation, DNA extraction, and amplification.Commonly called the brain-eating amoeba, Naegleria fowleri is an environmental parasite that resides in soil and warm freshwater bodies like lakes and rivers. Get […]

IEH Announces New Services of Rheology and Texture Analysis on Food and Cosmetic Products

IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group announces the launch of a new analytical service which provides rheology and texture analysis for food and cosmetic products. The laboratory has been fitted with advanced texture analyzers capable of quantifying the viscosity of liquid products, and exploring the applications of novel ingredients to identify innovative solutions that can benefit […]

IEH Analytical Laboratories becomes the first DEA-registered hemp testing lab in Washington State

IEH is proud to share that IEH Analytical Laboratories in Seattle became the first and only DEA-registered hemp analytical testing laboratory under the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program in Washington State! The U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program requires any laboratory testing hemp for THC concentration to be registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). IEH […]