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Will Daniels: Humanizing Food Safety – Food Safety Matters

In this episode of Food Safety Matters Will Daniels, president of the produce division at IEH, discusses “the human side of food safety as part of public health, reestablishing a relationship with the consumer, reliving the 2006 spinach outbreak, educating and engaging your workforce, engaging senior management in food safety, how to counter complacency in your food safety…
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Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 contamination on food plant surfaces as determined by environmental monitoring

Covid-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, has disrupted life on earth, causing a pandemic that has resulted in millions of infections and deaths. During the early phase of the pandemic there were large scale outbreaks in food production plants. In March of 2020 we helped to implement infection control strategies in 116 food production plants…
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Make Food Safety Consumer-Focused

Food Safety Summit 2020 featured Will Daniels with a keynote presentation titled “Back to Basics: Consumer-Focused Food Safety.” 

2020’s Food Safety Summit gets underway virtually today – Food Safety News

“Keynote — “Back to Basics: Consumer-Focused Food Safety” — Will Daniels, president of the produce division at IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group will discuss how COVID 19 has changed the world. In the wake of this pandemic, food manufacturers have stood up to the challenge of performing as an essential business and have shown the…
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