Sensory Analysis

Independent sensory evaluation provides valuable information to food marketers and product developers, as well as quality assurance and research & development groups.  Sensory evaluation panels are helpful in determining changes in raw ingredients or packaging (for cost reduction / supplier changes), product acceptability, new product flavor, competitor product analysis, correlations to instrumental analysis, or product changes during storage.  Some level of sensory analysis is conducted at all food manufacturing facilities, often with members of the QA/QC, marketing, sales, and product development teams.  However, maintaining an in-house trained sensory panel in a food manufacturing facility can be difficult because time and resources are limited and internal panelists may be biased.  Consumer Panels providing likeability data requires a large panelist sample set and selecting a particular demographic is prohibitive for many food manufacturers.


Trained Sensory Panel Services:

  • Off-Flavor Identification

  • Flavor Attribute Identification and Quantitation

  • Flavor Profile Analysis

  • Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA)

Untrained Sensory Panels Services:

  • Consumer Panels

  • Triangle Tests

  • Duo-Trio Tests

  • Simple Difference Tests

  • Difference From Control

Services Support:

  • Product Acceptability

  • Shelf Life Determination

  • Product Contamination

  • Ingredient Comparisons

  • Competitor Product Comparisons

  • Product Changes During Storage or Transport

IEH provides independent sensory analyses using trained and/or untrained panels depending on your objectives.  Please contact us today to discuss solutions for your needs.