COVID-19: Practical Response Guidelines for the Food Industry – IEH Client Webinar

We are facing an unprecedented challenge with COVID-19 and how it will impact the food industry. The food industry is vital to the well-being of the nation, and we must maintain our food supply during this pandemic. IEH has worked with industry as well as  federal, state, and local health agencies in responding to crises for over 20 years.  Please join members of the IEH leadership team for a special client webinar to discuss COVID-19 response guidelines to mitigate risk and reduce business impact while protecting employees and consumers. 

Mansour Samadpour, Ph.D. (President & CEO), Don Zink, Ph.D. (President, Foods & Regulatory Compliance Division), and John Larkin, Ph.D.  (Vice President, Food Process Engineering and Food Defense) will be presenting from IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group. Webinar overview: Overview of SARS-CoV – Why is it so Infectious, Survival & Inactivation of the Virus, Regulatory Response – FDA and USDA, Practical Response Guidance for the Food Industry, IEH COVID-19 Testing and Resources, Additional Topics, and Q&A.