Pet Food

IEH Laboratories performs ISO17025:2005 accredited nutritional and trace residue analyses on pet food and animal feed. We can analyze raw agricultural products, processed pet foods, pet treats and animal feed for a variety of parameters including:

Nutritional Analysis:

  • Amino Acid Profile

  • Fatty Acid Profile

  • Minerals

  • Sugars

  • Vitamins

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Ash

  • Crude Fat

  • Crude Fiber

  • Crude Protein

  • Moisture

Contaminants and Adulterants:

  • Pentobarbital

  • Veterinary residues and hormones

  • Heavy metals

  • Pesticides

  • Glycols

  • Allergens (gluten/wheat)

  • Dyes and colorants

  • Preservatives (Ethoxyquin, BHT, BHA)

  • Mycotoxins

Meat speciation: Pork, Horse, Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Goat, Lamb