HACCP Training Courses

Introductory HACCP (HACCP Alliance Accredited)

This 2-day training course is approved by International HACCP Alliance. The course is designed to review the philosophy and principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System and to discuss how to implement HACCP in food plants. The HACCP training program is consistent with the intent and scope of the USDA, FSIS Pathogen Reduction HACCP regulation. Candidates who successfully complete this training program will receive a Certificate of Completion displaying the HACCP Alliance Seal which indicates Alliance accreditation.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Approach

HACCP is a fundamental scientific approach to food safety. While not everyone in a food facility needs to be able to develop a complete HACCP plan, everyone in a food facility should understand the fundamental principles of inputs to a manufacturing process and the hazards that are likely to be introduced, increased, or controlled during the process. This 2-hour course gives participants the knowledge to contribute in a meaningful way to the development and implementation of a successful Food Safety Plan.

AFDO/Seafood HACCP Alliance (Segment Two Course)

Once you have completed the Cornell University (Segment One) Seafood HACCP course, you are eligible to attend this 1-day Segment Two course.  Together, the two Segments provide participants with the information needed to develop their firm’s Seafood HACCP plan. Those who complete both Segments are eligible for a “Certificate of Course Completion” from the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO). This certificate provides evidence that the individual meets the training requirement of the FDA Seafood HACCP regulation. Successful participants will be able to Develop a HACCP Plan for seafood products as required by the FDA regulation, reassess or modify a HACCP Plan as necessary and/or required by the FDA regulation, and review HACCP Plan records as required by the FDA regulation.