IEH Core Principles

At IEH, we believe:

  • In constantly challenging how we manage risks associated with food production.

  • In searching, finding, eradicating, and controlling risk.

  • In working with our partners to achieve “near zero food risk.”

  • Risks will not go away if we ignore them or if we do not actively manage them.

  • That no amount of effort or cost can justify the slightest risk to consumers.

  • Regulations for food production are basic minimums – we set a far higher bar for our clients.

  • In working with our partners to allow for efficient and sustainable production of wholesome foods.

  • In a broad, holistic view of risks that encompasses far more than the biological, chemical and physical risks.

  • That the current tool box for risk management is outdated. We are making the tool box of the future.

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