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Main Features:

  •     Create automated sampling schedules with randomized site selection

  •     Manage corrective actions

  •     Facility map showing collection sites color coded based on test results

  •     Electronic sample submission to lab

  •     View historical data

  •     Create custom charts for data analysis


  •     Set up automated sampling schedules

  •     View dates of test results, corrective actions, sampling schedules on calendar


  •     Display collection site locations on facility map

  •     Color code sites based on results, red for positive, green for negative, blue for unsampled

  •     Advanced filters for displayed sites


  •     Create randomized site collections

  •     Add / remove sites from collections

  •     Submit samples directly to lab

  •     Export sites to csv


  •     View historical results

  •     Export data to csv

  •     Advanced search / filter functions

  •     Customizable views

Data Analysis:

  •     Historical data analysis

  •     Choose from list of pre-made charts

  •     Create custom charts