Expedited testing.

We provide premier food safety testing and analytical services using our expansive network of laboratories, expert consultants, and innovative solutions to support the food industry.

The Complete Food Safety Solution.

We serve the needs of food producers with both classical chemistry and advanced chromatographic methods.

Rapid turnaround times and comprehensive analysis for:

Pesticide Testing

Multi-residue pesticide screens and trace pesticide analysis.

Nutritional Analysis

Comprehensive nutritional testing services.

Trace Residue Chemistry

Feed contaminants and adulterants trace residue testing.

Pet Food & Animal Feed

ISO17025 accredited pet food and animal feed nutritional and trace residue analysis.

Mycotoxin testing

Identify mycotoxins in food, feed, grains, and nutraceuticals.

California Proposition 65

CA Prop 65 consulting, chemical testing and analytical support services.

Authenticity Testing

Eliminate food fraud and adulteration with our food authentication services.

Smoke Exposure Testing

Expedited volatile phenol testing services.

Trace Metals & Metals Speciation

Trace elements testing, analysis and speciation.

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