Verification of Sampling and Testing

Meat suppliers and further processors are utilizing Pathogen Testing Programs as control points and validation in food safety systems.
FSIS Notice 65-07 identified best practice expectations for receivers of raw material who utilize pathogen testing results (Certificates of Analysis or COA’s) and processors with comprehensive finished product testing protocols, to conduct verification activities of both their sampling and testing procedures.

At IEH, we have a skilled group of technical experts who are available, as independent third parties, to execute your periodic sampling and testing verification activities.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of your current sampling and testing programs
  • Design a custom verification procedure that fits your sampling and testing programs
  • Support your verification program with scientific and regulatory documentation
  • Provide third party verification of your sampling procedures and testing methodologies to support Certificates of Analysis
  • Identify opportunities for system improvement and enhancement
  • Provide patented, scientifically supported, and USDA-FSIS accepted sampling options
  • Establish relationships with vendors who have off-the-shelf technologies that can improve the efficiency and robustness of your system
  • Assist with development of customer communication materials that will enhance your ability to capture the added value of your products
  • Support your labeling efforts and assist with regulatory compliance documents and justifications


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