Total Product Quality Assessment

Product quality must satisfy your customers requirements. Consistency of product quality leads to improved long term loyalty and preferred vendor status which creates opportunity for business growth.

We encourage a pro-active approach to product quality, focusing on the defects before they occur. However, should a customer crisis occur, IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group is able to respond quickly to address the needs of your valued customers.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyze current product specifications
  • Evaluate current product quality policies and processes
  • Align customer specifications with quality
  • Develop recommendations to match the requirements, specifications, and capabilities
  • Justify recommendations to senior management
  • Implement approved processes
  • Coordinate the communication with employees to “Do It Right The First Time And Every Time”
  • Train management on proper techniques to follow-up with employees on customer satisfaction
  • Integrate a system into existing/new measurement program to track the benefit/cost relationship of adhering to customer satisfaction
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