Nutritional Labeling Services

Nutritional Analysis and Nutritional Labeling Services

In May of 2016, the FDA announced a new nutrition facts label which the industry needs to
implement. The final implementation date is January 26, 2018 with manufacturers with less
than $10 million in food sales needing to comply one year later (2019). The new label has
some slight changes to appearance with the most significant changes being in the content of
the nutrition facts.


Some of the changes include:

 Refreshed design which increases the type size of “Calories”, “Serving Size”, and
“Servings per container”. Calories are no longer mandatory on the nutrition facts label.
 Vitamin D and Potassium will replace Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
 Labels must now include the actual amount as opposed to the percent Daily Value.
 Labels must now differentiate between “Total Sugars” and “Added Sugars”.
 Two-column labels when a package can be consumed in one or multiple settings.
Additionally, the serving size should reflect what people are actually consuming and
not what they should be consuming.


IEH Laboratories & Consulting Nutritional Labeling Services


IEH Laboratories & Consulting is dedicated to ensuring that this transition is seamless and
easy for our customers to remain in compliance with all applicable FDA rules. For this reason,
we are asking our customers to provide us with some additional information when initiating the
process for nutritional analysis. This will include known sources of sugar in the product (needed
to calculate the added sugars). If you are using an ingredient that is manufactured, you will
need to get that information from your supplier or ensure that they have that information prior
to submitting your samples for analysis.


Furthermore, we will be recommending compliance with the nutrition facts label which is
currently in use with the additional testing of Vitamin D and Potassium. When the time comes
to update your label, this can be done for a small administrative fee. Testing which is done
that does not include Vitamin D and Potassium will be subject to full analytical testing when
the new labels are required.

Please let us know how we can help you with your needs. IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group
is pleased to be of assistance with any of your organization’s service needs.

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