NEW! IEH N60 PLUS Sampler

IEH N60 PLUS Sampler is an innovative, stainless steel sampling device that collects a surface sample from the trim in a beef combo. Through its innovative design it minimizes the error associated with excision sampling by collecting from a greater volume of the combo instead of the one to two layers typically targeted during excision sampling, eliminating the concern associated with collecting 60 1inch x 3 inch pieces that weigh 375 g, ensures collection of only surface tissue, and eliminates the collection of multiple specimens from the same piece of trim all while utilizing a smaller sample size that is as robust as an excision sample that weighs 375 g. Overall, the N60 PLUS sampler collects a robust sample with less sampling error and keeps more product in the combo bin instead of at the lab.

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IEH N60 PLUS Sampler™ $500.00

Sample Extraction Tool - $10.00

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  • May 3rd, 2013
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