Maximized Carcass Dress Process

Food Safety, Ergonomics, Efficiency, and Utility savings are critical activities that go hand-in-hand. One of the most effective food safety interventions is to remove high risk material from a beef carcass by physical removal. This physical removal also prepares the carcass surface for intervention strategies and improves their effectiveness.

Ergonomic improvements reduce health care costs and improve employee morale and well being. A modification of carcass dressing process will reduce labor throughout your slaughter and fabrication processes.

The Maximized Carcass Dress Process will reduce the energy and water consumption through optimum timing of activities during the carcass chilling process. When these activities are coordinated, a company could see an effective 5 to 10% reduction in operational cost of doing business.

IEH Laboratory Services and Consulting can help by:

  • Conduct an in-depth review of your entire operation
  • Present recommendations for your Maximized Carcass Dress Process
  • Provide science-based support for these recommendations
  • Coordinate the events to ensure the process is implemented properly and completely throughout your supply chain system
  • Assist in the development of written “Best Practices” for your company to ensure that employees fully understand their role in the process
  • Coordinate training
  • Follow-up to ensure that execution is being performed as planned
  • Validate Food Safety through microbial testing
  • May 3rd, 2013
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