Improve Profitability Through Yield Enhancement and Optimization

Product and process yield management can significantly improve your returns. This same focus can coordinate with finished product quality to meet and/or exceed your customer requirements thereby increasing your total sales. This coordination of customer satisfaction and optimized product yields will separate your business from the competition.

IEH has over 100 combined years of experience in product and yield enhancement available to assist with improving your profitability. While this is an activity that can be accomplished internally, a fresh account from experienced 3rd party experts can provide objective interpretation of the process resulting in improvements in yield and profitability.

A complete review of your operation for yield management will make your organization more profitable, improve customer satisfaction, and make your organization more competitive.

The process includes:

  • Assess current processes and identify opportunities
  • Make recommendations for process improvements
  • Review current labeling or regulatory compliance issues
  • Develop written specifications and standard operating procedures
  • Implement employee-training techniques to communicate the value of “Doing The Job Right The First Time And Every Time”
  • Establish criteria to allow management to measure the performance of their process
  • Integrate measurement into existing/new financial and customer satisfaction reports

Red Meat Yield Optimization and Instrumentation

IEH can not only assist your operation by enhancing your red meat yield opportunities, but also by providing carcass yield optimization tools and experience. In the past ten years, the opportunities to merchandise value added meat items has dramatically increased and along with this, so have the complexity of carcass fabrication schemes.

At IEH, we have scientists and technical experts that can assist your operation in developing value added carcass fabrication schemes, identifying optimum carcass values through use of innovative technologies, and by working with your team to develop new products that further increase the value of your carcasses.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of your current red meat yield optimization processes
  • Development of yield tracking and benchmark reporting systems
  • Identify opportunities for system improvement and enhancement
  • Establish relationships with vendors who have off-the-shelf technologies that can add value or efficiency to the system
  • Support your inventory management, labeling and distribution logistical needs
  • Develop new products to maximize the value of all carcass items
  • Assist with development of customer communication materials that will enhance your ability to capture the added value of your products
  • Support your labeling efforts and assist with regulatory compliance documents and justifications


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