GMO Testing Services

Accurate, reliable and comprehensive testing

Rapid increase in the number and use of genetically modified (GM) crops, together with the public awareness regarding genetically modified organisms (GMO) has resulted in an increased need for analytical tests that can effectively monitor and verify the trace ability of GM crops and products that may contain them.

IEH provides PCR-based testing services for the major GMOs including corn, soy, cotton, potato, sugar beet, alfalfa, rice and many more.

Comprehensive custom tailored testing

We offer comprehensive multi-level GMO testing services that can be customized to:

1) Product types

  • From raw materials (such as crops) to highly processed foods (such as breakfast cereals, nutrition bars, canned products, tofu, miso, soy sauce and many more.)
  • Single ingredients as well as multi-ingredients – Our PCR based testing system enables screening of multiple genetic elements associated with GMO.

2) Specific purposes

  • “Non-GMO” based claims
  • Exports to countries with GMO specific regulations (e.g. Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea).

Our team of scientific experts always consults with customers to find the best GMO testing option for their samples.

Accurate and reliable results

In GMO testing, one of the most critical steps is obtaining high quality DNA from plants, crops or even highly processed foods and feeds. DNA with impurities can often produce false positive or false negative results. Our DNA purification system ensures the total nucleic acid with high yield and good quality from samples.

Test available by type

1) Screening test (Qualitative):

Genetic Markers for Qualitative Screening (Selected)

  • P35S promoter
  • FMV P34S promoter
  • Nos terminator
  • TpinII terminator
  • Cry genes: Cry 1Ab, Cry 1Ac, Cry2Ac, Cry 3Bb, Cry1F, Cry 9C

2) Qualitative GMO identification

3) Quantitative GMO determination

Identification Tests available by crops

1) Corn

  • Herculex
  • MON 88017
  • MON810
  • MON863
  • MON 89034
  • GA21
  • Herculex RW
  • MIR 162
  • Bt176
  • MIR 604
  • T25
  • Bt11
  • Event 3272
  • CBH351
  • NK603

2) Soy

  • Roundup Ready
  • DP305423
  • Liberty Link (A2704-12, A5547-127)
  • DP356043
  • MON87701
  • Roundup Ready II

3) Cotton

  • Bolgard
  • Widestrike
  • Bolgard II
  • Roundup Ready Bolgard II
  • LL Cotton25
  • GHB119
  • GlyTol

4) Potato: Amflora / EH92-527-1

5) Sugarbeets: H7-1

6) Alfalfa: Roundup Ready

7) Rice

Turnaround Time:

Our regular turnaround time is less than 48 hrs. In express analysis, results are available within 24hrs.



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