Food Testing Services – Authenticity of Organic vs Conventional

Authenticity of ORGANIC vs CONVENTIONAL Products
(Fertilizers, Vegetables, Fruits, Meat)

The market value of Organic products worldwide reached U.S. $27.8 billion, and continues to
grow. The authenticity of organic products currently relies on enforcement of production standards
through certification and inspection. The system depends on traceability through paper trails from
farm to fork, and the potential exists for fraud at many stages in these supply chains, particularly
with regard to imported produce. IEH specializes in and offers Scientific Independent
for Meat, Fruits, Vegetable Produce and Fertilizer Authentication to reassure
consumers, protect regional designations and ensure fair competition

High-precision abundance measurements of naturally present stable isotope pairs of light elements
such as C, N and S are used as potential indicators of Source, Geographical Origin and Feeding
History (conventional versus organic)

With over 20 years of experience in Enviroscience and Analytical chemistry, we are well set up to characterize your samples. We offer quick turnaround and access to scientists who are at the forefront of developing new analytical techniques and methods, and superior customer service including strict confidentiality of all data generated at our laboratory.

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