Cold Chain Management

Customers demand product integrity long after it leaves your control. Cold chain management is a critical step which minimizes your risk while maximizing customer satisfaction. By using IEH’s expertise in cold chain management and proven microbial intervention strategies, you will be able to differentiate your product brand from your competitors and gain a preferred status. IEH Consulting takes a proactive role with your customers when a cold chain management crisis does occur. Your action to engage IEH will prove to your customers that you care about their business by using an experienced 3rd party to evaluate the crisis and give scientifically meaningful solutions.

The proactive approach:

  • Analyze the current cold chain methods which are being employed
  • Observe for opportunities to improve
  • Make recommendations for improvement
  • Perform the validation studies (logistical and microbiological) to support the opportunities
  • Establish relationships with vendors who have off-the-shelf technologies that can add value or efficiencies to the system
  • Design technical customer service support and interact directly with your customers

The reactive approach:

  • Perform liability justifications to mitigate losses (dollars and product)
  • Reduce recall or withdrawal insurance premiums
  • Interface with regulators to expedite decisions and mitigate losses
  • Assist in the identification of product disposition at the best value


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